Perfect Plan is one of the best business consultancy agencies in Qatar. We provide renting services and Trade licensing approvals for your business.

Starting a business in Qatar can be a long procedure involving cumbersome paperwork. However, hiring a professional business consultant like Perfect Plan will ensure a smooth and faster process.

Our team of consultants have a ready plan for your business. We cater to small, medium and large industries, when it comes to securing trade licensing approvals and other mandatory legal documentation work for the company.

Before commencing business operations in Qatar, the Government stipulates the filing of different paperwork and documentation. One of these important documents is a trade licence or an official legal space to carry out your business operations.

A trade license is a document permitting the company to carry out the operations of the business in the particular space. It gives permission to the company to commence the business in the permitted space. It gives permission to the company to carry out certain activities as part of the business plan of the company.

A trade license in Qatar has more than one purpose. For one, it is a grant of permission to perform activities and it is also needed in case the company applies for credit.

Obtaining a trade license in Qatar can be a long and complicated process. It involves a number of procedures that involve immense paperwork and statutory compliances. Perfect Plan has a team of experts that can handle all the trade license documentation and paperwork without any hassles.


Perfect Plan follows a step-by-step procedure to obtain a trade license for their clients. The process ensures a quick, smooth and efficient trade license procurement.

Apart from completing the process of obtaining trade licenses for our clients we also offer rental services to our clients. We offer commercial spaces for rent. Our specialised team of realtors will advise you on the area and office space best suited for your business.

From scouting for the best office space to drafting of the rental agreement. Perfect Plan offers top class services to the clients. Our experience and skill in the field has made us one of the top renting services and trade licensing approved offices in Qatar.

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