Many times, business ventures join hands or merge with other businesses. There could be many reasons for doing so:

  • Diversification of products and services
  • To save a loss-making company
  • To garner more profits
  • Increase competitive edge
  • Cost cutting
  • Pooling in of resources, knowledge and skill
  • Greater investments

Although merger and acquisition are considered interchangeable words, in legality, the two terms are entirely different. A merger refers to the combination of two or more companies whereas an acquisition refers to a complete purchase of one company by another.

Merging with or acquiring another business involves a number of formalities to be fulfilled before entering into the partnership. Perfect Plan has a team of professionals that research and prepare through due diligence for companies that wish to merge or acquire.

We are regarded as one of the best business management consultancy firms that provide expert advice and service with regard to business valuation and mergers and acquisitions.

To set up a company in Qatar, there are several licensing platforms available including:
  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Qatar Financial Centre.
  • Qatar Free Zones Authority.
  • Qatar Science and technology park.
  • Qatar Media City.

Our team of legal experts have the skill and knowledge to provide a smooth and easy merger and acquisition process in Qatar. We provide exhaustive services to clients seeking to merge with other business ventures.

  • Complete evaluation of the business
  • We assess all risks involved in the merger and acquisition of the company
  • Due Diligence on all aspects of the company including financial statements, operations and administration
  • Prepare company structure and organisation in order to ensure growth of the company after acquisition.
  • Tax services
  • Successful closure of merging and acquisition process

Merger and Acquisition involves more than one company, which makes it a tedious process. Without the help of experts in the field this process may prove to be arduous and time consuming. Hiring Perfect Plan as your trusted consultant can make the process easier and smooth. Our experience in the field dates back to several years of successful mergers and acquisition in Qatar.

We work on a tried and tested model for mergers and acquisitions. We do detail research and analysis before for the merging companies. Our valuation experts conduct financial valuation of the companies in accordance with acceptable accounting standards.

For all valuation, merger and acquisition, Perfect Plan is your trusted partner. We have some of the best and most experienced professionals when it comes to valuation, mergers and acquisitions.

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