Perfect Plan is one of the top business management consultants in Qatar. We offer company formation and incorporation services including corporate sponsorship and structuring services. At Perfect Plan, we pride ourselves with years of experience in the field of business management.

Our team of professionals are well versed with the laws of the country and advise clients appropriately at each stage of the company formation.

One of the foremost factors to consider before starting a company in Qatar is the company structure or type. Qatari laws allow the formation of various types of Companies.

  • Simple Partnership Company
  • Joint Partnership Company
  • Joint Venture Company
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Holding Companies.

Our team possesses the skill and legal knowledge on the type of company that best suits the client’s business. We advise the clients on the pros and cons of each business type, allowing the client to make a calculated decision before investing the capital.

Setting up different types of companies requires different legal formalities to be fulfilled. The team at Perfect Plan has the requisite knowledge of all the rules, regulations and protocols to be followed before commencing business in Qatar.

Corporate Sponsorship in Qatar

Although Qatari laws permit foreign investments in almost all sectors and industries, one of the legal requirements is that 51% of the shares must be held by a Qatari national or legal presence in Qatar.

At Perfect Plan, we aim to provide a smooth and efficient company formation process for your company. We provide advice on the type of corporate sponsorship that will suit your business. Corporate sponsorship in Qatar can be of two types

  • Individual
  • Corporate

As your trusted corporate sponsorship advisor, we recommend the best sponsorship plan for the client’s company. Based on our recommendations and the client’s approval we track the appropriate sponsor for the company.

Before we make recommendations to our clients, we ensure that we complete a due diligence on the prospective local partner. We conduct thorough background checks along with all the legal requirements before suggesting a local partner for the company.

Perfect Plan not only suggests and recommends local individual partners for company formations but also corporate sponsorship. We understand the difficulties in scouting for sponsorship in a new country. Finding a credible and trustworthy individual or corporate sponsorship can be a daunting task. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to perform this service for our clients.

Our corporate sponsorship plans are uncomplicated and straightforward. Our aim is to build long lasting and profitable business ventures in Qatar.

We have the skill and experience in providing corporate sponsorship plans to foreign investments.


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