Qatar is regarded as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Rich in petroleum and natural gas, the country has been attracting a number of business establishments over the past few decades. The favourable policies of the Government have made the nation more attractive for foreign investments and medium and small business ventures.

Being an economically viable country, with well-developed infrastructure, many entrepreneurs are looking to set up their business ventures in the country. Perfect Plan, a premiere business consultancy firm in Qatar, can assist and guide you on company formation in qatar and company registration in the country.

We advise and assist prospective entrepreneurs on setting up their business establishments in Qatar. Our team of dedicated professionals’ advice clients on the best possible set up that will suit their business

As a top business consultancy firm in Qatar, we provide the following services to clients looking to set up business in Qatar.

To set up a company in Qatar, there are several licensing platforms available including:
  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Qatar Financial Centre.
  • Qatar Free Zones Authority.
  • Qatar Science and technology park.
  • Qatar Media City.
Market Survey

Before starting any business, carrying out a thorough market survey is essential. Market surveys give you knowledge on the viability of the business in Qatar, information on competitors, and other important determining factors.

At Perfect Plan, we conduct in-depth and exhaustive market research for our clients, informing them of every detail with regard to their prospective business venture in Qatar.

Choosing the right type of company

There are different types of companies that can be registered in Qatar. Based on the type of business and capital investment, we recommend the right type of company for you.

  • Simple Partnership Company.
  • Joint Partnership Company.
  • Joint Venture Company.
  • Public Shareholding Company.
  • Limited Share Partnership Company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
Scouting for the ideal location

At Perfect Plan, we have a team of experienced surveyors and realtors that can locate the ideal place to set up your company. Our team considers a number of factors like, type of business, target audience and monetary resources before suggesting an appropriate location for your company. We also suggest companies in the Free zone or Business zone in Qatar.

Collaborating with a partner

While setting up a company in Qatar, and especially in the case of foreign investments, understanding the laws of the country is a key factor. A 2010 amendment to the Foreign Investment Law stipulates that foreign investments can be made in most categories. However, at least 51% shares must be held by a legal presence in Qatar.

We, at Perfect Plan have innumerable contacts and trusted acquaintances that can help you find the perfect partner for your venture.

100% Foreign ownership company in Qatar

Companies may be able to register as 100% foreign owned in the state subject to specific limitations. The enactment of a new Foreign Capital Investment Law in December 2018 has opened up most business sectors to 100% foreign ownership, with the exception of:

  • Banks/Financial services
  • Insurance companies
  • Real estate sectors
  • Commercial Agencies

One of the advantages of a 100% foreign ownership company in Qatar is that it allows for complete control and decision-making power to be held by the foreign investor. Additionally, it may provide greater flexibility in terms of business operations and management, as the company is not subject to the same restrictions as locally-owned businesses. Finally, a 100% foreign ownership company may be able to take advantage of certain tax incentives or exemptions that are available to foreign investors.


One of the disadvantages of a 100% foreign ownership company in Qatar is that it may not be able to participate in certain government contracts or projects that require a certain level of Qatari ownership or participation. Additionally, some sectors may have restrictions on foreign ownership, which could limit the company’s ability to operate in those sectors. Finally, a 100% foreign ownership company may face challenges in navigating the local business culture and regulations, which could impact its ability to succeed in the market.

Incorporation of Company

We offer hassle free company formation in qatar and incorporation procedures for your company. From opening of the valid bank account to registering the company with the tax departments, we provide smooth and easy services incorporation to clients.

We handle all the documentation and legal procedures associated with company formation in Qatar. Our team of experts are well versed in all the licenses required for commencement of the company’s business. Trust Perfect Plan to make your company start on the right note.

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