Why is Perfect Plan the perfect choice for your business setup in Qatar?

  • July 06, 2024

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Perfect Plan is a perfect choice to assist you with setting up your business in Qatar, especially because of their broad local market knowledge and various applicable laws that are in force. Perfect Plan ensures an efficient and successful business setup process by providing complete services from company registration through compliance monitoring, strategy planning, and execution. Our experienced staff provides solutions that are specific to your particular business requirements.

Setting up an HR company in Qatar

The successful launch of Seagull Group in Qatar stands as proof of Perfect Plan's commitment to excellence, expertise, and customer-focused strategy. We are honored to have been a crucial part of their journey and eager to help other businesses succeed in the thriving Qatari market. Our journey with Seagull Group started with complete market research and valuable studies to give helpful insight and detailed plans for market entry. Our expertise made it easier for them to understand local laws and regulations, from registering businesses to having essential licenses and permits, which were handled by our team.

As a business setup company in Qatar, we understand every business is unique, so we provide solutions that are customized to meet their specific needs, and our team offers continuous support and advice to ensure their growth and achievements. The successful launch of Seagull Group shows the commitment, excellence, and expertise of Perfect Plan as a business setup company in Qatar, where we play a vital role in their journey and look forward to supporting more businesses to set up companies in Qatar.

Rules and Regulations for Setting Up Business in Qatar
  • Legal Structure
    Choosing a suitable legal structure is essential when setting up a business in Qatar. The options are Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Branch Offices, and Representative Offices. An LLC is popular for most businesses as it allows both local and foreign ownership.
  • Registration and Licensing
    Every company needs to register with either the Ministry of Commerce or Industry or the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). This involves getting a commercial registration and filing the required documents, which include the company's articles of association.
  • Local Partner Requirement
    Although 100% foreign ownership is permitted in certain industries within the QFC or Qatar Free Zones, most business types require a foreign partner to own at least 51% shares of the business.
  • Taxation
    From a tax perspective, Qatar is an incredible country. The fact that personal income tax is not an issue is the best feature. A flat 10% corporate tax is also paid on business profits. You would think that was quite easy. This is where the fun part comes in: you may even be eligible for further tax breaks if you set up your business in a free zone or QFC. In regard to this, if you're searching for tax conditions that benefit you, it's wise to give it some consideration.
  • Office Space
    Qatar is a great place to establish a business because of its excellent infrastructure, which features the Qatar Science & Technology Park and the Qatar Financial Centre, which give extra services and support to companies to easily set up a shop.
  • Workforce and Visas
    The labor laws in Qatar require companies to sponsor skilled workers for work visas, medical checks, employment contracts, and residence permits. This is because the foreign workforce in Qatar is in great need of skilled labor.
Note : There may be variations in the details provided over time. So in order to verify the details, please contact Perfect plan.
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